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WITWI™ Eligibility Requirements

All entrants must fulfill the stated requirements (items 1 through 8) of the Typhoon Wear It To Win It (WITWI) contingency program in order to be eligible for WITWI prize payouts. Winners must follow the guidelines of the winner's verification submissions. Any violation of these requirements may result in disqualification.

1   BUY TYPHOON * required

Purchase a Typhoon sunglass at West Marine, Cabela’s,,, or other major outdoor retailers.

2  REGISTER * required

All competitors must register for WITWI prior to their tournaments’ commencement. If you have previously registered for WITWI you do not need to register again but you must read and understand the updated rules for the current season. Be sure to register at least 10 days before your tournament so that you will receive your WITWI kit well in advance of your tournament.

 3  POST YOUR PHOTO(s) * required

Before your tournament, take a photo (or multiple photos) of yourself wearing:

• Your Typhoon sunglasses AND 1 of the following
• Your tournament jersey with the Typhoon (iron-on or sewn-on) patch or factory printed logo, or a Typhoon WITWI Jersey, or an official Typhoon cap or an official Typhoon t-shirt.

Log in to your Typhoon account and upload a minimum of one (1) photo following the requirements above (optional photos are appreciated but not required to meet qualification requirements). Your photo(s) will be posted on the Typhoon Wear It To Win It facebook page and other Typhoon social media accounts.

4   POST a review * required

Log in to your account at and post a review of your Typhoon sunglass. We'd love to know what you think.

5   WEAR THE TYPHOON LOGO * required

All WITWI registered pros, boaters and co-anglers must wear a Typhoon logo in one or more of the following ways:

a.      Typhoon iron-on logo patch or printed logo (Typhoon stickers are not authorized)on your tournament jersey or shirt.

b.      Typhoon WITWI Jersey

c.      Typhoon cap

d.      Typhoon t-shirt


CLICK HERE to download the Typhoon logo art for your tournament jersey.

Three (3) Typhoon heat transfer logo patches are also available to order (for free) in your WITWI kit for you to iron on to your own shirt or tournament jersey.


All WITWI competitors must wear their Typhoon sunglass each day of their tournament.

 7   COMPETE AND WIN * required

To qualify as a WITWI winner, you must finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in your tournament.

Submit a WITWI PAYOUT CLAIM which includes a photo of your award presentation with the following requirements:
  1. You MUST be pictured receiving the award from the tournament presenter on stage at the tournament.
  2. You must also be wearing either your tournament jersey with the Typhoon (iron-on or sewn-on) patch or factory printed logo, or a Typhoon WITWI Jersey or an official Typhoon cap or an official Typhoon t-shirt. NOTE: A Typhoon sticker stuck on your shirt does not qualify. 
All competitors who submit a WITWI Payout Claim MUST meet these requirements– no exceptions. Please refer to the example below.


Typhoon WITWI Qualified Award Presentation Photo


The online payout form must be submitted within 30 days of tournament finish to be considered valid. Upon verification and approval of award, contingency payment (in the form of a bank check) will be sent via the U.S. mail. Winners should allow at least 8 weeks for approval, processing, and distribution.

  • Photo Bonus: $50 to Pros/Boaters | $25 to Co-Anglers
    The photo bonus is paid to WITWI competitors (placing in the top 3 of their tournament) that are wearing the Typhoon WITWI Jersey, Typhoon cap or Typhoon t-shirt in their award presentation photo. Photos must meet the requirements of items 1 and 2 of the WINNER'S VERIFICATION (above).  
    Note: The Typhoon logo must be clearly visible on your shirt or cap in order for you to claim this bonus.

  • Video Bonus: $50 to Pros/Boaters | $25 to Co-Anglers

    Create a video testimonial for Typhoon. If you are a WITWI winner, create a video telling us about your tournament win. Please follow this format:

    1. State your name
    2. Tell us about your WITWI payout
    3. State the name of the tournament and what place you finished
    4. Tell us about your Typhoon sunglasses

    Here's an example script:
    "Hi, I'm John Jones and I just won $500 from Typhoon in the Wear It To Win It contingency program. I signed up for Wear it To Win It at Then I competed in the Walmart BFL tournament and won first place. I really like the Harbor sunglass (take the sunglass off of your face and show it to the camera). The AquaView Meridian polarized lens is super dark and really cuts down the glare which makes a long day of fishing easier on my eyes. Thanks Typhoon!"

    The video bonus is paid to pros/boaters and co-anglers (placing in the top 3 of their tournament). You must be wearing your Typhoon sunglass and either a Typhoon WITWI Jersey, Typhoon cap or a Typhoon t-shirt in your testimonial video.
     Note: The Typhoon logo must be clearly visible on your shirt or cap in order for you to claim this bonus.

Note: All photos submitted for the Wear It To Win It contingency program become the exclusive property of Typhoon. Photos and videos will be only used by Typhoon for the purposes of promoting the Typhoon brand and the Typhoon Wear It To Win It contingency program.


WITWI Newsletter:

By registering for Wear It To Win It you are automatically enrolled as a subscriber to the Typhoon newsletter. Unsubscribing from the Typhoon mailing list will automatically disqualify you as a WITWI competitor.


*Required to be eligible for payout.

Typhoon and Wear It To Win It have no legal affiliation with, and make no claims of association with FLW or Bassmaster.











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