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Typhoon HEROES Discount

Typhoon HEROES Discounts

Typhoon® appreciates the hard working heroes of the US active duty military, reserve, federal and local law enforcement, fire, EMS and those holding military retiree credentials. To show our appreciation we are offering discounts on Typhoon sunglasses and accessories to qualified registrants. Please complete and submit the registration form. Once your registration is activated you will receive a discount code for big savings on your Typhoon sunglass order.


How to Participate in the Typhoon Heroes Program

  •  You must have a valid and current I.D. for one of the qualified agencies. 
  •  Check our Typhoon Heroes Program information page for a list of eligible agencies. 
  •  Complete and submit the Heroes registration form.
  •  Account verification takes up to 5 days. 
  •  After your ID has been verified, you will receive an email with your Typhoon Heroes discount code. 
  •  Your account is authorized for your use only; it is not transferable to any other individual. 
  •  Typhoon Heroes accounts expire on December 31 and must be renewed annually.


*Please note  by participating in this program, you agree that you will not sell Typhoon products to any individual, department, team or unit for a profit. At no time should Typhoon products be sold or diverted for resale in any environment whatsoever-including but not limited to Internet, swap meets or flea markets etc. Typhoon reserves the right to discontinue or change the terms of this program at any time.

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