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Typhoon AquaView hydrophobic sunglass lens


Water, dirt and other foreign particles are constant obstructions to visual performance when you are engaging in any activity while wearing sunglasses. Typhoon’s AquaView® Hydrophobic Polarized lens will guard your vision against these elements while providing you with a superior, clear, clean field of vision. The AquaView® lens is made from injected polycarbonate – the highest quality polycarbonate lens available.


Water Repellent AquaView sunglass lens

Water, rain, fog and even saltwater are prevented from forming or adhering to Typhoon’s AquaView® polarized lens surface. Rather than streaking or blurring the surface of the lens, moisture will bead up and flow off leaving your lens clean and clear.

Smudge Proof AquaView sunglass lens

Typhoon’s AquaView® coating creates an ultra smooth hard surface on your lens that will repel skin oil, finger smudges and lotions making it easier to wipe away any surface contaminant for smudge free vision.

Anti Static AquaView sunglass lens

An optical lens has a natural static electrical charge that can attract airborne dust particles. Typhoon’s AquaView® polarized lens has been engineered to interrupt this magnetic electric charge to prevent any particles from settling on the lens surface.


Visual Assurance AquaView sunglass lens

The combination of the AquaView® lens' three enhancement features will reduce eyestrain and fatigue while maintaining a clear, clean field of vision, giving you the visual assurance you need to perform at your very best.



Aquaview Hydrophobic Sunset Brown polarized lens

• 12% Visible Light Transmission.
• Excellent for variable light days and small bodies of water.
• Filters out all hazardous glare.
• Increases visual definition in low light.

Aquaview Hydrophobic Moss Green polarized lens

• 13% Visible Light Transmission.
• Highest contrast and greatest visual acuity
• Filters some blue light and reduces glare
• Recommended for prolonged use in extreme conditions

Aquaview Hydrophobic Horizon Grey Polarized Lens

• 12% Visible Light Transmission.
• Optimum for bright sunny days and large bodies of water.
• Filters out all hazardous glare.
• Softens intense light.

Aquaview Hydrophobic Copper Rose Polarized Lens

• 15% Visible Light Transmission.
• Excellent for variable light conditions.
• Filters out all hazardous glare.
• Provides enhanced color contrast & detail definition.
typhoon aquaview sunglass lens

AquaView® Meridian Ultra Glare lens

The AquaView® Meridian ultra glare lens, with its 10% visible light transmission, is specifically designed for use in intense sunlight. If you are wearing sunglasses in extremely bright sunlight or you have a high sensitivity to bright light, use the Meridian lens to relax your eyes. The Meridian lens is available in Green (on Sunset Brown) and Blue (on Horizon Grey).


Aquaview Meridian Blue polarized Polycarbonate Lens

• 10% Visible Light Transmission.
• Excellent for activities on open water.
• Delivers high visual definition.
• Ideal in intense sunlight.

Aquaview Meridian Green polarized polycarbonate lens

• 10% Visible Light Transmission.
• Optimal for river, stream and inshore fishing.
• Amplifies color contrast and delivers high visual definition.
• Ideal in intense sunlight.

AquaView II Optical Enhancement magnification lens

Typhoon’s New AquaView II Polarized Lens Technology + Optical Enhancement

The AquaView®II lens adds the feature of optical enhancement with reading magnification to Typhoon’s AquaView® lens. Now you don’t have to switch from your sunglasses to your reading glasses when your’e out in the sun!


Optical Enhancement Lens Powers:AquaView II Optical Enhancement magnification lens powers

AquaView II Optical Enhancement magnification lens


Always clean your Typhoon sunglasses with fresh water and the Typhoon microfiber cloth.

WARNING: DO NOT allow gasoline, fuel (has corrosive additives), sunscreen, bug spray, alcohol, Windex or any cleaner that contains ammonia to come in contact with your sunglasses. These chemicals are damaging to the lenses and frames. Use of these or other corrosive products can damage your sunglasses and may void the warranty.

Salt water is corrosive and can cause delamination, flaking, distortion and other types of damage to the Typhoon sunglass lens and frame. If your sunglasses come in contact with salt water you must rinse them in fresh water immediately and wipe them clean with the Typhoon microfiber pouch. 


Polarized lenses are proven to enhance visibility and reduce glare under any number of variable outdoor conditions. Sunlight is reflected differently through rain, snow, clouds, water, ice and other shiny surfaces. Typhoon polarized lenses filter out 99.9% of reflected glare and enhances your vision. Enhanced vision can improve your performance whether, fishing, sailing, skiing or driving. Typhoon polarized lenses reach maximum performance on or around water.

Typhoon lenses are UV400. They provide maximum protection by blocking 100% of harmful UVA & UVB rays from your eyes.
ONLY Polarized lenses provide you with visibility beneath the surface of the water. This can be extremely helpful to fishermen in lakes, rivers, streams or the ocean. Having the enhanced visiblity to see objects underwater when you are above the surface gives fishermen an advantage and provides recreational boaters and seasoned sailors alike, with additional safety in potentially dangerous or hazardous conditions.


Typhoon's polycarbonate lenses provide an incredibly strong shield for your eyes. Polycarbonate material was developed by the aerospace industry. Polycarbonate is ten times more impact resistant than other plastics and is so strong that is exceeds the FDA's resistance requirements by a factor of 40! It has been used for astronaut helmet shields, space shuttle windshields and bulletproof windows. Polycarbonate lenses have the best impact resistance of any lens material, making them the clear choice for sports eyewear.
Polycarbonate lenses are thinner and up to 35% lighter in weight than traditional plastic eyeglass lenses - providing greater comfort.
Polycarbonate lenses are also highly scratch resistant. A special anti-scratch coating protects the lens surface even in the most extreme situations which ensures that they will outlast glass or plastic lenses.


Typhoon gives you the quality that you expect in a premium sunglass. We stand behind our sunglasses by backing them with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers any defects in material and workmanship of our sunglasses.
If you purchased Typhoon sunglasses at a retail store you can register them under the lifetime warranty plan by clicking here.

If you have a warranty claim click here.