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Q What is your return policy?
Q How long will it take to receive my order?


Q Is your shopping cart secure?
Q I tried to make my payment in your shopping cart but there was an error and the order was not completed. What do I do now?
Q Do you accept PayPal payments?


Q My Typhoon Sunglasses have been damaged and are ineligible for replacement under the terms of the Typhoon Lifetime Warranty, now what?
Q When will I receive my warranty replacement?


Q What does the Sunlight Transmission Rate refer to?
Q How do I clean my sunglasses?
Q How do I measure my Pupillary Distance (PD)?
Q How do I know which lens color to choose for a particular purpose?

Replacement or Repair

Q My sunglass broke. How can I get it replaced or repaired?
Q Can I order a replacement screw?
Q Can I order a replacement nose pad or nose bridge?

Wear It To Win It™

Q I already registered last year. Do I need to register again?
Q Do I need to purchase a new Typhoon sunglass in order to participate in the next season of WITWI?
Q What is the difference between Competitor Photo and Winner's Photo?
Q How do I submit my WITWI Competitor Photo(s)?
Q How do I post a review?
Q How can I get my FREE WITWI™ Typhoon kit?
Q Do I need to submit a w9 every new tax year?
Q How can I check my competitor status?
Q Do I need to submit a new competitor photo every year?
Q My photo is too big to upload in the WITWI Payout Submission. How can I submit my photo?
Q When will I receive my WITWI Payout?